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We’re raising awareness & prevention for ending family violence in the community.

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What is Change for Sam?
Change for Sam was founded in response to the tragic death of Samantha Fraser. With the recent successful prosecution of Sam’s perpetrator, our mission is to transform the deep impact of Sam's loss into tangible and positive change. We have developed an all-encompassing program, driven by the community, that seeks to prevent and address family violence. Our unwavering commitment lies in providing round-the-clock support to women and their families.

Together, we can honour who we’ve lost and those affected by fostering widespread education, active participation in community initiatives, and the creation of a safer future for all.

Initiatives & Updates

What is family violence?

Do you have a partner or someone else at home that makes you feel hurt, unsafe or scared? You could be experiencing family violence. Head to our resources page to learn more about family violence and where you can seek help.

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Remembering Sam

Sam was a Phillip Island local. She was a psychologist, mother, daughter, sister and friend to many. She was also a very involved community member who was passionate about addressing the challenges of family violence.

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Past Events

Change For Sam is a registered charity based in Australia.

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